Building Things

I have been doing some renovations to a house in which the original structure is over 100 years old. I know some of the history of the house, and was aware going in that different owners over the years had added on: building a kitchen, adding a bathroom, expanding the bedrooms, all while keeping the character and integrity of an old mountain cabin.

What I was not prepared for, as we have opened up walls and renovated bathrooms, was just how many different times and different families had changed the house. Every wall removed is a glimpse into the past.

Yesterday, we discovered a painted posts embedded in a wall that indicated what I thought was an internal part of the cabin was actually a screened-in porch at one time. The quirky slanted floor in the dining room may have also been an added side porch, not the original cooking area I had once thought it was. I always thought the slant in the floor was a result of the mountain underneath settling.

In the midst of the chaos of construction, this continual transformation of the house has made me pause and reflect on how many things we add to and build in our lives: Relationships, businesses, communities.

And the best of these things; a relationship with your brother or a work life that connects you with others, can be like an old house. Quirky, interesting, challenging, beautiful and at its core, resting on a pretty solid foundation.