TBJ's 5 Favorite Super Bowl Snacks

It’s that time of year again! Time to watch two great NFL teams face off in the biggest sporting event of the year. My favorite part about Super Bowl Sunday? The food. As this day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what snacks to serve to your friends and family, and if you’re anything like me, calories don’t count on Super Bowl Sunday. I want all the cheesy goodness that the internet has to offer.  

To help you choose some game time snacks, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Super Bowl Recipes. They’re easy to make and some of them could even be modified to include some TBJ action. (We recommend adding Famously Hot when possible.) So take a look at the delicious treats below!

1. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños


These bacon wrapped jalapeños from Delish truly look “delish.” You can’t go wrong with cheese, jalapeños and bacon. The only thing that could make these better, some bits of Two Brothers Jerky mixed in. Two types of meat? Sounds like a winner to us.

2. Fried Mac and Cheese Bites


We found this recipe on a website called Little Southern Kitchen. As we all know, you can never go wrong with a little Southern comfort food. Mac and cheese is a staple at any football viewing party, and what’s more perfect than mac and cheese in convenient, bite size pieces. Chop up some Famously Hot or Original jerky and fry it up with the mac for some extra flavor!

3. Warm Cheddar Bacon Dip


My mother used to always make a version of this dip growing up. Warm cheese dip and tortilla chips are a crazy delicious combo. We found this recipe on Real House Moms, and it is wildly easy to make.  Add Famously Hot beef jerky in addition to or as a replacement for the bacon!

4. Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks


If you’re looking for a lighter option, one of my favorites is buffalo chicken dip. Still loaded with cheese and flavor, it has a fresh, crisp bite when paired with celery sticks. This recipe is from Food Fanatic. It is the closest to the traditional buff chick dip that I have always made, and it is broken down into 8 easy steps. I recommend drizzling some ranch or blue cheese dressing over the top and enjoy!

5. Football Deviled Eggs


How cute are these? This recipe is a super easy way to make some “football shaped” snacks. Full Thyme Student hit the nail on the head with this one with both creativity and flavor. This recipe is another, lighter addition to your Super Bowl Sunday spread.

Bonus Recipe: Black Bean Avocado Dip


This is a spinoff of a recipe my aunt used to make at all of our family parties. It’s super easy to make and super yummy.


1 can Black Beans

1 can Sweet Whole Corn

½ Red Onion

1 Red Bell Pepper

2 Roma Tomatoes

2 Avocados

¼ cup  Fresh Cilantro

¼ cup Lime Juice

2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

1 Packet of Ranch Dip Seasoning


Just chop up ingredients, throw together in a big bowl, serve with tortilla chips, and enjoy!


Happy Super Bowl TBJ fans! –Sarah